I started painting in 1997. From an early age I’ve always had a strong creative streak. With graffiti I found a way to express myself freely and probably to escape the boredom! My tag “Thetan” comes from the Greek letter “Theta”, with the addition of an “n” to create a pleasant sound. My style is the classic New York wildstyle with my personal “space” reinterpretation! In all these years I’ve been able to collaborate with Italian and foreign artists creating fantastic walls and meeting really nice people! Writing is sometimes not just a hobby or a passion, but a lifestyle! Recently I wanted to put some details of my graffiti on canvas, create some abstracts, always conveying the charm that only sprays can give on a canvas! I owe a lot to graffiti.

Graffiti saved me (I’m not saying this out of hypocrisy but as a matter of fact) from all my sad moments and from the difficulties of life! Many times I felt alone and they kept me company; even when everything was falling apart, thinking about a new piece gave me the push to continue this life which, sometimes, is not that simple. I believe that only a graffiti writer can understand! Graffiti For Ever!


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