Kraco is a graffiti writer currently based in France. He is part of the TWE crew. Self-taught and tagger in his early days, he marked his uniqueness from the world around. His style evolved over the years and his walls got influenced by the NY graffiti scene of calligraphy and wildstyle.

The first time, it was an evening going to the college with my friend Kamer. I will never forget experiencing the feeling of making a good,clearly, readable tag visible to everyone.

Therefore, as a contemporary artist, his works on canvas release a strong energy with a mixed techniques of materials and contrasts. Today his canvas are an integral part of his job combined with the continuous search for materials and colors.

Kraco paint his works in freestyle (without any sketch) with various phases, between disorder changed into structure evolving into descrutures….

He continues to carry his name and colors to different places, supports … also participating in events related to the HIP HOP culture (live show, battle, video clip, …), as well as live performance to some Festivals in France and in Europe ( Paris Hip Hop, Hip Hop Dome, Meeting of Styles in Milan, …).

In the beginning I was looking for ‘’quick and dirty’’ letters to be repeated At first I was looking for easy things to be quick and easy to replicate. Today I use to draw on paper trying to give life to letters keeping them "readable".
The TWE crew was founded in 1998 but I’ve been a crew member since 2010. The founder is Arone. As he says this crew born between the school desks...

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