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ABYS is a young self-educated Artist member of Osmoz-Colors and Nid d’Guêpes Posse. Designer since his childhood, he started graffiti in 2006 after meeting SUROH at school. Even if he likes to touch everything he is above all a great enthusiast of cartoon and wacky character which he gives life in his paintings.

Well, as far as I can remember I always had a pencil in my hands, My father drew a lot and taught me to draw when I was 18 months old, since then I have never stopped filling in pages and pages. The graffiti came later, when I was in high school...
One afternoon we went to get cans, in the evening I went to "sleep" at his parents' place and we went out to paint for the first time, I painted A Rasta Sheep with a joint, classic! After that, with 3 other friends we created the “Bêêêh Crew” and we started painting sheeps in the streets.
Today I paint more regularly with Scaf and Valer who are a generation above me and whom I met a little later, it gave me new perspectives at a time when I was spending more time painting alone, they are real enthusiasts, and I owe them a lot.
When I was younger, I dreamed of designing characters for video games or cartoons, but over time painting took more and more place in my life and finally it didn't happen but you can find a lot of inspiration from these universes in my paintings.
I have a lot of books and sheets with bits of unfinished sketches, it's more some sort of little drawing exercises and when I really have to create a visual, I take sketch pieces from my books and I assemble them, As it goes, it gives me other ideas and I arrange it all until I have a composition that I like.
I used to work hard on paper illustration, and I took the graffiti as a joke, it was really to spend time with friends and have a laugh, like going fishing on Sunday! When I discovered the Maclaims at the time, I realized that I could go much further into my paintings and I started to do realistic stuff like many at that time. I worked a lot and perfected my technique thanks to it !
Of course! graffiti always creates surprises, it’s the art that comes to the public directly in the street, free for all, It can only be motivating and inspiring!
People who no longer felt concerned with overly elitist contemporary art find themselves more in the graffiti culture which has partly brought the aesthetics in art up to date.
As i can't animate my own characters, I try to create the most lively compositions possible, like a kind of freeze-frame in full action, roughly ... I like it when there are details, references, life, that we can imagine the situation or invent a little story.
Honestly, I never really got attached to my paintings on the wall, it was covered up so quickly when I started that, I quickly moved on and that's great because I'm never really satisfied with my productions. The paints that remain, when I see them back to a few years / months later, I just want to cover them myself.
People need to reappropriate urban spaces, to share, to create, it's just human .. Although we are lucky to live in times of peace, in our modern society currently very formatted, I think that we all need that, not just in times of pandemic.

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