Kraco: wildstyle letters from France

We had a short chat with the french graffiti writer Kraco, who spoke about his early graffiti experiences and about his style on walls and canvas

Hi Kraco, let’s begin with some usual questions… What’s the story behind your name?

This name doesn’t have a special meaning or a story behind … I choose Kraco because of the spelling and because i like these letters.

When did you started painting graffiti? Tell us about your first experiences with the spray cans.

I approached to graffiti at the age of 14. In the beginning, like many, I dropped a bit getting back in 2010 even more pumped. The first time, it was an evening going to the college with my friend Kamer. I will never forget experiencing the feeling of making a good,clearly, readable tag visible to everyone.

When did you realize to have talent? When did you take part of the street game?

It’s difficult to say…. as I evolved a lot over the years and I’ll keep doin’ it! It’s more like when friends start telling you nailed it!

You’re part of the “TWE” crew. When and how was it founded? Tell us something about it…

The crew was founded in 1998 but I’ve been a crew member since 2010. The founder is Arone. As he says … this crew born between the school desks…

Tell us about how did your style has evolved over the years…

In the beginning I was looking for ‘’quick and dirty’’ letters to be repeated At first I was looking for easy things to be quick and easy to replicate. Today I use to draw on paper trying to give life to letters keeping them “readable”.

What’s the feeling and the adrenaline when you get into a yard to paint a train? Do you remind any extremely risky situation?

The moment I like the most is the end…. that moment staring at the final job. Fortunately I didn’t experienced such extreme circumstances… I can remember just few falls 😉

How is the graffiti scene in France? Who did you get inspired over the years?

The French scene is multifaceted as traveling you get inspired by different colours, sounds, people…

What life lesson did you get from the noble Graffiti culture?

I do reckon this culture is a kind of recreation… it’s like living alongside society being free!


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