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Mars was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. He moved to South Africa with his family when he was 5 years of age and has worked in Johannesburg ever since. Mars created his alter ego at the age of 15 when he started getting involved in street culture, graffiti and art.

I started messing around at the age of 15 and took it more seriously over time, its now 17 years later and I am still doing it. When I started we didnt have internet graffiti, so I often wish I had thought of a more original name, but at the time I just thought the letters were nice and it was a cool word.

Since then he has graduated with a degree in Multi-Media Design and painted hundreds of walls in and out of South Africa. He has spent a large amount of time immersed in the urban landscape of Johannesburg creating public artworks and integrating into African society.

I really fell in love with graffiti, I like all the styles and all the disciplines. From trains, to street bombing, pieces and productions. I also like the challenge of learning and trying out new approaches and ideas, also to see my name written in different ways and on different surfaces.

Mars has had two solo exhibitions and numerous group shows. He has travelled for work and walls abroad. He is the founder and lead artist of Kudos Creative and their commercial work can be found representing big brands such as S.A.B, Absa Bank, Coca-Cola, Converse, Huawei, Mercedes, Nandos, Standard Bank and Sprite to name a few.

I think these days most people specialize in a field, either street bombing, piecing, trains or whatever. Seems to me like there aren’t too many who do it all or have done it all, but for me personally I think as long as someone is doing their thing consistently and doing it well, then that’s what’s important.
I think my inspirations are still the same, and my favourites are the ones who are adaptable and progressive as artists, a few examples would be; Madc, Sofles, Askew, Revok, Rime, Pose, Aryz I also like some artists for doing a specific “thing” or having an “original fad”...
Now I just paint with whoever and don’t really care too much about the concept of a crew, I think to be part of a crew is more exciting when one is younger.

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