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EricsOne creates a deep and clever art according to his way of catching situations and characters, mainly through a comic and graphic style, due to his training experience.

I approached graffiti in about 1997, thanks to classmates already practicing .Initially, it was like a drug. At that time we were quite unconscious and I remember to devastate everywhere with 3cm and 5cm markers loaded with “death black” ink

The tick lines and grotesque expressions, combined with a mixture of cartoon of the ‘60 and characters from the Bmovie of Robert Rodriguez; became his iconic trademark.

the most beautiful and indelible memories are those before 2010, when my name wasn't still around. When I was hungry for fame, I took the scooter going all around the city, the tag tours, the bulwarks and the "style exercises"; all of this has contributed to strength my personal growth, perhaps a little stiff in some respects, but I fought for it and I'm proud of it...
Compared to when I started, about 20 years ago practically everything has changed, I don't know if for the better or the worse. I only know that the panels of the '90 were 30 times more fine' (young Italian bombers don't hate me but look at the outlines on the panels of Rae or Mastro K and then we'll talk about it)

Bodies imbedded between blocks of letters and inexistent scenario; sometimes minimal, transited by Hippy Chick Font close to the lysergic world of Jimi Hendrix of “Are you experienced” and that Flower power, all revisited by the artist in a sort of “Street cubism”.

Maybe the Internet has removed that Real patina and now with Street Art it also paints Peppa Pig .. I don't know .. I'm not a nostalgic guy but the shit that goes for chocolate is something that really pisses me off!

Nowadays, he lives and works in Milan as a freelance illustrator, free time musician and recently as father. Not long ago he has been recently selected for the “A’ Design Award & Competition” which represents the most prestigious and influential design recognition in the world.


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