Interview with graffiti mexican graffiti writer Khosmik

Interview with Mexican Graffiti Writer Khosmik

Mexican graffiti writer Khosmik tells us about how his love and dedication for graffiti have turned into an opportunity to travel, share walls and experiences with people from other parts of the world…

Hi Khosmik! Would you like to start telling us about your origins… When and why did you decide to pick up the sprays for the first time? Did you immediately choose the alias Khosmik? Any reason behind?

Since I was a child I liked the universe and I wanted that my tagg sounded like something related to the space, especially because of the colors. I started painting like everyone else, with friends in the neighborhood, many of them stayed on the road. I was so fascinated when I watched videos of international writers that I must say they had a lot of influence on me. When I decided to take graffiti as more than just a hobby, I knew what was crucial was a lot of practice and hard work to evolve and progress.

What about the Graffiti scene in Mexico? Are they tolerated or is there any repression? Did you have the chance to travel a lot for graffiti? Do you face any big differences in the graffiti scene compared to other countries?

I think the scene in Mexico is very competitive and with an enormous diversity of styles, throughout the territory there are great writers that I admire. In a matter of repression, I consider that it is like everywhere, nobody likes to have their house painted without permission, and the issue of the police is talking about corruption and abuse of authority.

I thank to graffiti for allowing me to travel and get to know so many places and people. Those are additional benefits of being in the movement. I have made very good friends with whom it is always a pleasure to share a wall. that motivates me to continue painting. I had the opportunity in 2018 to paint in France and Germany, I think that helped me grow as a writer because I was able to learn from other environments and writers. The main difference I observed is that in Mexico many people still criticize graffiti negatively, in Europe, at least the people I was able to observe, had a different concept and respected it, even congratulated you for doing it.

Do you belong to any crew? Often the bond with the guys of the crew goes beyond graffiti, also connecting through mutual experience and dangers… Do you have any memories or particular experiences that you want to share?

I belong to 2 crews. Flame Boys and BMK. In both are talented people. What I like is that everyone wants to do things well and it motivates you to push yourself and evolve your style. All experiences with them are good, sharing a wall with them always means fun and lots of beer haha.

How would you define your style and your lettering. How has it evolved over the years? What’s the process behind choosing and using colors?

It is not wild style or bombs, I do not catalog my letters in any style, I just call it “piece”, even when sometimes it looks like wild. There is nothing more that I love than designing my letters. I just try to put all the colors in harmony and make my piece attractive to the, if I put warm colors in the filling, I look for cold colors outside. Many times instantly I decide the colors at the moment depending on the spot. I think your style is the best way to introduce yourself.

In addition to walls and sprays do you use other supports and techniques? Which ones? Anything new that you would like to experiment or learn?

I only use sprays. At the moment I am happy with that, I do not have much patience to use brushes, but I do not rule out the idea in the future of trying some other new technique.

Where does it comes from your greatest inspirations, both from an artistic and non-artistic point of view?….Why?

There are many artists who inspired me, when I started, they were at their best, artists like Ewok, Pose, Does, Sofles, etc. They all maintain a high level and seeing their pieces and videos still make me want to create amazing pieces.

Today what inspires me the most is to get to new places, paint and see how the world is so big that you meet more and more people with different styles, share ideas and points of view. I am very grateful that my letters have opened many doors for me and I continue to strive because much remains to be known

Which was the greatest experience felt while painting? What’s the biggest life lesson learnt from drawing?

It is difficult to define a single experience, but I think that sharing a wall with people from other countries, with different languages and cultures, is one of the greatest satisfactions because there is something that unites us and that is graffiti.I must also say that in 2019 I painted at the Meeting of Styles of my country, that made me happy because it was something I desired when I was child.

The life lesson that I have seen or reflected the most is that the creativity that you develop on this, I have applied in daily life and at work.

What is your maximum aspiration? Where would you like to go? What’s the greatest satisfaction you would like to gain from graffiti?

My main aspiration is to paint on all continents. My plans are to go to Europe again in 2021 and paint in at least 4 countries. After that, visit Indonesia because I have friends there to be able to paint together. The maximum satisfaction is to meet writers who become good friends. That in addition to share a wall, you can also drink a beer and count on them.

Do you have other great passions besides graffiti? Tell us about it….

Graffiti is what I have focused on the most. When I learned English, I started to be passionate about learning languages, I will start with it, because a language always allows you to move around the world more easily.

How are you living this particular period linked to Covid-19? Do you want to share your opinion related to the unusual social moment we are going through?

In Mexico people respect almost nothing haha, so there are still people on the streets, the problem is that most people in Mexico have lost their jobs. Currently I work from home, I have been able to paint but close to where I live, because right now there are certain restrictions. I did not think to live a situation like that, the only thing I can say is that we take care of ourselves, we take all possible measures to be safe.

Thanks a lot bro! We’ll wait you in Italy soon 🙂


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