JE 73 was born in 1986 in the city of Salerno raising there ‘til the age of 18, when he moved to Milan. From an early age he was attracted to the American culture; getting in love at the age of 5 with basketball, then extended to the Hip-Hop culture.

This passion was always alive and in 2004, moving to the city of Milan, he had his first experience and the first contact with the world of graffiti and the Hip-Hop in general. The first pieces date back to 2004/2005 as bubble letters made quickly at night inspired by the great masters of the Bronx.

Creativity always pushes him to look forward to study many and different techniques to be able to express himself and create his own style. In the early 2000s, Street Art helped him to study techniques such as stencils and posters.

The true essence of the Hip-hop is aimed to create your own style. It’s something that happens in all of the four elements: every breaker, every DJ, every MC, every graffiti writer studies, trains himself and gains the experience needed to create his own style in a recognizable language.

Also Muralism is absorbed by the artist, especially after multiple trips to South America especially to Chile, where he lived for a year. Another element that determines his artistic language is certainly the architecture, which he studied at the Polytechnic of Milan until 2014, when he graduated.

No doubt that a unique language is made of personal experience and the style of JE 73 is made of a mix of graffiti, street art, muralism, and architecture. Over the years he participated to various events related to the world of graffiti, such as the Meeting of Styles; or others linked to the world of muralism and street art as a Manufactory project. He collaborated also with various companies and Art galleries, individual and collective exhibition and Festivals.



Chromatic Overlaps series, 2018; spray on canvas; 70x50cm


2018; spray on paper 300g; 42x29,7 cm; 50x40 cm with frame


2018; spray on paper 300g; 42x29,7 cm; 50x40 cm with frame


2017; spray on canvas, 100x100 cm


2018; spray on paper 300g; 42x29,7 cm; 50x40 cm with frame


2018; spray on paper 300g; 42x29,7 cm; 50x40 cm with frame


2017; spray on wood 100x30 cm


2017; spray on skateboard (2X) 80x30 cm

His works are located in different countries such as the US, where he painted at the historic building of 5 Pointz, which no longer exixts; or in Miami, in the famous Wynwood Art District; or again in London, Germany, Kosovo, Spain, Chile, Brazil and in many Italian cities.


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