Benjamin, aka ‘’Twone’’ from Montpellier, France, discovered graffiti in 1998. The first approach to graffiti was through the fanzines opening his eyes to the New York scene, also giving him the inspiration needed to gradually develop his graffiti art with the first bombings in 2002.

we are real artists offering joy to people through colors. Also a free open air museum with simple tag to the color piece it’s something good for our cities and for our lives while without it, the life would be boring for people into this movement and for whom are not...

Since 2006 he decided to give all of himself in what was in the beginning only a passion. Inexorably, he developed into the wildstyle lettering; a discipline where style matters more than the technique.

One of my best memories was when I painted in Naples for the famous event ‘’Back2TheStyle’’. There was a super good welcome and a superb atmosphere! It was a superb meeting! From a personal point of view leaving it alone made me also feel good. It was a very good human experience! Big up!

Today Benjamin ”Twone” reaps the rewards of his hard work and dedication. He is an artist recognized by his colleagues into the world of Graffiti; also invited to paint to various events in France and Europe.

We just live our time. We destroy less than all the shit going on in the world. It's still paint!
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