Graffiti according to Twone

The French graffiti writer Twone tells us about his passion for the world of graffiti and about the importance of having an original and unique style in order to stand out from the crowd…

Why did u choose to tag Twone? Was it your first art name?

When I started I had lots of names. Then in 2006 I decided to use Mr-Two after becoming Two-one (Twone).

Do you have a crew? Tell us the story behind and the link between all the team members… How often do you paint together?

When younger, I had crews like everyone else but we had a lot of problems due almost as we were young and ignorant. Nevertheless I’ve always painted for myself and with the guys I loved, never worrying about others.

How did u get into the graffiti cult? Is it a passion or did it become a job over the years?

Happened as I grew up close to a place filled with graffiti that fascinated me. Then I saw other things on the first Hip Hop magazines with 2-3 pages of graffiti on Seen Ces Med tufficity etc … and I wanted to do that. That’s my second wife or my first…(ahhahahha)​​ but yes, it’s only a passion, not a job, even if sometimes I get commissions.

How would you describe your style? Did you get over your “comfort zone” experiencing something different?

My style seems quite wild at times while over time I appreciated abstraction and few more graphic things. Sometimes I get out of my comfort zone trying new things but I always come back to the wildstyle classic lettering. I’ve been constantly painting for a certain number of years about 1 or 2 pieces per week. I always make sure to change each time. So therefore I always prepare a good sketch and a choice of colors that works, and I try to alternate wildstyle and softer graphs..

What’s your best memory of those years? Tell us about the beginning of this artistic journey, the “core”

One of my best memories was when I painted in Naples for the famous event ‘’Back2TheStyle’’. There was a super good welcome and a superb atmosphere! It was a superb meeting! From a personal point of view leaving it alone made me also feel good. It was a very good human experience! Big up!

Do u reckon graffiti art has an impact to the environment?

Yes. It’s clear that on a pollution point of view we are not very ecological but…. hey, it keeps very low ! For the visual side, we are real artists offering joy to people through colors. Also a free open air museum with simple tag to the color piece it’s something good for our cities and for our lives while without it, the life would be boring for people into this movement and for whom are not.

How would you explain this kind of Art to certain people considering graffiti as a defacement of public and private properties?

We just live our time. We destroy less than all the shit going on in the world. It’s still paint!

How do you describe the graffiti scene in your city? Do you face any differences compared to other countries? Do you get inspired by any Artist?

Here the graffiti is more in quantity but has lost in quality. It has always been a big vandal scene and that’s cool. Maybe I have a different look from before but there are always old people who are motivated by do nice things too. It’s fun to learn and paint with them.

I’ve never been inspired by writers from my city, even less from France. I’ve always watched American graffiti artists, giving me good idea of ​​things there but I also like the German, Australian, New Zealand scene and now with IG many other things. If I start to mention the active ones, the list would be long. All fresh with flow and dynamics are in the list.

Looking to the past, which are the important steps of the graffiti history that needs to be passed on?

I can suggest to draw a lot, find a style and refine it. Do what you like for yourself and not to give yourself a style with others. Do things when you feel it’s the right time, just for a simple tag, a train or a room.

Do it for you!

Thank you and all my loved ones,


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