I grew up in Madrid, Spain, and moved to Chicago in 2017. I started writing graffiti when I was 14 years old. One of the new kids from my class in middle school sparked my interest in the Hip Hop culture, by introducing me to the art of lettering and street murals. I remember he would draw whatever random names I told him in bubble letters, and I would just thicken the outline and color them.

After a few months practicing I started working on my own sketches, with the help of graffiti magazines and friends who also enjoyed doing graffiti. I met a bunch of writers who wrote graffiti from my neighborhood either out painting or through Esflog and Fotolog (the early and less sophisticated version of Instagram).

It took me at least a year to really take my sketches to the streets. I spent a full year just tagging or piecing on hidden alleys, and mostly learning by sketching on paper. I wanted to make sure that my first pieces would look decent, because I knew since the beginning that once I started doing graffiti, I would never stop. And here I am!

Thus far I have gone through three phases in graffiti. At the beginning I was focused on making myself be seen, so I mostly bombed with simple throw-ups and smackers. Later on, my intention shifted and I became not only interested in bombing with just two or three colors, but also adding backgrounds, highlights, auras, drop shadows, etc. During this phase, I took a two-year break as I got caught a few times and I moved abroad.

Ever since I came back to it, my intention has always been to make my art look appealing to everyone, not only other writers. Currently, I’m focused on evolving my style and be as creative as possible, so I enjoy creating on chill walls where I can spend hours painting.

My style is a mix of European wild style with a lot of influence from traditional American wild style. More precisely: detailed letters with a lot of straight lines, cuts, arrows, and color contrast.

Most of my inspirations were people from my city. I grew up reading the Hipflow magazine looking at murals from the brothers Soen & Dakaneh LPS Crew, Sea162, Brake, Adios, Odio, etc. Internationally, I’ve always liked Skeme, Dondi, Bates, Geser and Revok. Among international crews, 1UP is the crew that motivated the most, and still does.

I rep CWB crew – Creating Without Boundaries; Chicago Wild-style Brothers, etc. - We are a small crew that originated in La Villita, Chicago in the late 90’s. S/O to my buddies Bane, Knock, Meve, Toten, Diosa, and VicN.
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