Dibiasi: «In Jersey I’m a heavyweight, but the world is going to know me soon»

We had a quick chat with Dibiasi, a rapper who proudly represents New Jersey City, who told us about the tough hood he grew up in, Godfidence, his latest incredible EP, his relationship with Ransom, the murals of his face around the city and more…

Essential Projects
  • Godfidence
  • Welcome 2 Dibi World
  • Traptized (x Sam Black )


Peace Dibiasi, thank you for letting us ask you something about your story and your music. You recently released “GODfidence”, an amazing piece of work, where you tell some glimpses of your past in the New Jersey City streets, so that your story(as you rap on your song) should be told in the pages of “Don Diva”. Can you tell us something more about your background and your personal story? What part of Jersey City did you grow up in? How would you describe growing up there to someone who’s never been there?

DIBIASI: “I was born in South Carolina but I’ve been living in Jersey City (NJ) since I was 3 days old. Fell victim to the streets at an early age, but I feel that’s what made me who I am today. It was like a training period of my life that taught me about trust, getting me & always stay focused”


I’m from Stegman st. in Jersey City, which is located in the Greenville section which is the wildest part also known as The Hill. The best way I can describe to someone who’s never been there is if you’re not from here don’t come here.

When did you start kicking your first rhymes and at what moment do you feel your rap career really started?

DIBIASI: “I started in the mid 2000s but I didn’t take it seriously until I heard my first song on the radio in 2012 on Hot 97. I loved that feeling so much I decided to make it my main hustle & go harder”.

Where does the name Dibiasi come from?

DIBIASI: Dibiasi comes from the wrestler Ted Dibiase, “the million dollar man”. I liked the flashy part of his persona & felt like it captured me as a person”.

In our eyes, from what we’ve heard, you’re in the same lane of street lyrical spitters as for example Benny The Butcher, Ransom, 38.Spesh or Dave East etc but your name hasn’t come out yet at a national and international level like theirs. Why in your opinion? Instead in your city and in the New Jersey State, what kind of feedback there is towards your music?

DIBIASI: “It’s their time now & timing is everything, trust me, I’m coming for my spot. I’ve always got love & great feedback from my city. In Jersey imma heavyweight it’s just the world’s gonna know soon…”

Talking about Ransom, in your last project “GODfidence” you and him have sparred with your skills and lyrics on an absolutely fire song: how did you connect? And how was this track born?

DIBIASI: “Me & Ransom met over 10 years ago & he’s like a brother to me. We’re both from the same city maybe 7 min apart. I get a lot of advice from Ran & I appreciate it. Doing music together is something we’ve always did, this is not our first track together so linking in the studio to work is the easy part”

How did the idea of ​​doing GODfidence come about? How did the creative process develop? And who did the productions?

DIBIASI: “I always wanted to do a project with just bars & street talk, so Godfidence was always talked about but never brought to light until I got with the great producer Big Jack. His production is so crazy & it brought out a different side of me that has been hidden for sum years. Also Ransom executive produced it so he helped out with it also”

What are your other most important projects, in your opinion and why?

DIBIASI: “I dropped another album titled Welcome 2 Dibi World earlier this year & you can understand the transition that was made to help bring the world Godfidence. So check that out when you get a chance

One of your latest video clips (Legendary) has been shot in front of a mural in which you are represented. Even the cover artwork of the “Godfidence” album seems to take up a mural with your face. Who made them? And how did these murals come about?

DIBIASI: “The cover art for Godfidence was made by the great Jeff Rose (@Jeffroseking) who is a very popular artist from New JerseyThe mural was done by the legend Juan Cheese Vasquez (@cheese201). It took us a year to plan it out, find the location & get it done.  I feel like murals were only for people that passed away but we wanted to find a way for me to get my flowers when I can smell ‘em

Which artists would you like to work with on the Hip-hop scene right now, most of all?

DIBIASI: “Jay Z but realistically speaking I’m willing to work with anybody that’s out here working themselves. I’m always down for a good spar.”

Do you already have something ready that you are releasing next or what are you working on?

DIBIASI: “My next project is gonna be titled King Of The Hill & we are def doing a pt. 2 to Godfidence so be on the look for that too”.

#Welcome2DibiWorld Album Out Now!!!!!

Twitter/ IG: @DibiasiMB


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