Hip Hop January Selection

Here are a few short reviews selected for you specially by Throw Up Magazine’s editorial staff. These will guide you through this months’ hottest Hip-Hop releases. Tune in to our Spotify playlists and… Enjoy!

DJ Muggs & Rigz

Gold 🇺🇸 DJ Muggs & Rigz

It is now public domain that since a few months the markets have been worrying about galloping inflation. Also those who follow the international Hip-Hop scene closely know that, as in other economic scenarios, we have been witnessing a whirlwind of bubbles and volatile trends for years. Take drill today for example. In times like these, any shrewd investor knows, however, that there is a safe haven that more than any other has demonstrated its solidity and has kept its value intact throughout the history of humanity: Gold, the precious metal par excellence. Equally in music and in Hip-Hop, as in life, there are values, characteristics and qualities, which are immune to the volatility of momentary fashions and which will always remain valid in the face of the test of time. As demonstrated by the album in question, entitled “GOLD“, these values ​​and qualities are exemplary embodied by DJ Muggs, legendary producer of Cypress Hill, whose incredible cultural contribution to the Hip-Hop scene in recent years we have already extensively talked about in our pages and by Rigz, a young MC from Rochester (NY), member of the Da Cloth crew. If you want to make a safe investment, listen to this album!


Che Noir - Food For Tought

Food For Thought 🇺🇸 Che Noir

  1. Rap can be “food for thought” and not just because it can ignite your imagination or make you move your neck and ass and make you jump out of your chair due to the incredible technicality or impress you with the attitude. Rap, when served by the most gifted lyricists, as in the case of the talented female MC from Buffalo (NY) Che Noir, makes you stop and reflect: what is said crystallizes and represents, in a heartfelt way, fragments of reality, which can less mirror your own, but they give such an intelligent reading that they force you to think. This is the substantive rap that this girl from Buffalo proposes, without too many words and technicalities for their own sake. Che Noir, in addition to becoming one of the best lyricists of the moment, is also the author of several beats of Food For Thought. Pure talent.

Read her interview on our pages here.

The Loop 2: The House of Loops 🇺🇸 Supreme Cerebral

Bugzy Nino a.k.a Supreme Cerebral, MC from Santa Ana (California) is undoubtedly one of the most assiduous “workers” of the underground stars and stripes scene. The prolific work of Supreme Cerebral, however, never goes to the detriment of the quality of its projects. After more than 20 years spent hustling in the underground scene, he knows exactly how to craft his music, which has now become like as an extension of his own thought and intellect, so much so that he’s entered the favor of totems on the scene such as Roc Marciano, Ghostface Killah or Planet Asia. Supported by the excellent productions of Clypto, with “The Loop 2: The House of Loops”, Supreme Cerebral starts this new year in a great way.

Tales of A Grand Wizard 🇺🇸 Lunatic

This project, lasting about fifteen minutes, entitled “Tales of A Grand Wizard” created by Lunatic x Kill Floor Records and distributed by Cocareef is rightfully one of our favorite projects of the month. The fuel that corroborates the American underground scene is certainly the union and collaboration between the various protagonists of this movement. So we discovered this Virginia MC, thanks to the presence on this short project of some of our favorite rappers from the underground scene including Estee Nack, Ricky Hyde and Bless Picasso. An exciting discovery given the quality of this project. Lunatic‘s rhymes and personality are a reflection of a seasoned MC, not only about the microphone sciences but ,above all, in the science of life. The productions and the featurings, as mentioned, are the perfect setting for this excellent project.

Subversivo 🇧🇷 Gil Daltro & 🇬🇧 Giallo Point

Hip-Hop is the universal language that best lends itself to narrating social phenomena and to giving a voice to peoples and individuals who generally do not have a voice on Earth. The need to express one’s own languages, desires, feelings, values ​​and grudges has been codified by the African American people and by the minorities of the New York ghettos in a popular culture that has proven to be valid and can adapt in all corners of the planet, telling the hardships and dreams of those who are not normally considered by society. Today more than ever, one of the countries in the world with more social contradictions is certainly Brazil and from here, precisely from Salvador de Bahìa, comes Gil Daltro, the Brazilian MC author of this fierce EP, entitled “Subversivo” produced entirely, instead, by strong British beatmaker Giallo Point. The latter, in fact, composes a perfect soundtrack for Gil Daltro‘s flow and rhymes that describes with anger mixed with melancholy the discontent and frustration of the people of Salvador de Bahia and Brazil.


Benjamin Epps is a French rapper originally from Gabon and he can be considered one of the most pleasant musical surprises of the last two years. Not only for us at ThrowUp Magazine, but for the whole Hip-Hop scene in France, above all, for those who were waiting for a novelty that could balance the success of the drill or “afro-trap” sounds in vogue in the last few years, bringing back to the golden age of French rap, with a freshness that the returns of the old guards could not give. So here is his new project entitled VOUS ÊTES PAS CONTENTS? TRIPLE’ !. No one would have expected, however, that to baptize Benjamin Epps “best rapper in France”, in a short skit spoken at the beginning of this album, there was even Jadakiss, the New York legend, member of The Lox. How much marketing or actual blessing there is behind this investiture, we are not yet certain, but without a doubt Benjamin Epps is one of the most interesting novelties of French Rap in recent years.

Son Tzu & The Waw.God 🇨🇦 Daniel Son & Futurewave

In recent years, the Canadian underground scene has already proved itself one of the most solid and prolific among the international Hip-Hop scene and this duo from Toronto, formed by the rapper Daniel Son and the beatmaker Futurewave, has already revealed itself in the past as a chemical formula with potential explosive and perfectly blended. Again with this project titled Son Tzu & The Waw.God the result translates into a condensation of raw rap and dirty productions that could very well act as a soundtrack for a ninja-style raid or a military commando assault.


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