The history of DIA crew starts in 1991 where TABU (RIP) and NON founded the crew. Shortly after TABU’s dead in 1993, the crew was brought back to life by a relative, NEC, who are still active today.







From around 1994 and up to around the early 200’s the crew was known to be some of the hardest hitters in the city until kids, jobs, and wives eventually got in the way of late nights and police chases.The other early members from that era are REAL, ASTMA, MASK, PUM, BASTA, UNIS, KREMA and JOBS.

Around 2009 the crew had a revival when NEC in a drunken spree started to paint trains again and added new members FREM, TASK and SNAEC.

It didn’t take long for a bunch of the other early members to realise that they were missing out on the fun and almost the whole crew took up painting again, while adding members BRAVO and UTIN, ENORM and PENT. And then there is the swedish branch that consists of DANO and DANG, who have been a part of the crew for ages.

Today, it is a bit uncertain who of the old members are still really part of the crew. 25 years, 5000 cans and 10000 beers takes it toll on memory, however the most important part is that we are all good friends to this day. Currently, less than a handful of us are “active” writers on a regular basis.




DIA stands for “Destroy It All” which is why we often refer to ourselves as Destroyers. Nowadays we also try to write every possible word containing DIA such as; Diagnosis, Diamond Diablo, the Indians, Diana, Diabolic or whatever stupid thing we can think of.

The forunder TABU was known for being an all out bomber who hit everything he could get his hands on. We do respect that legacy and we enjoy painting some good spots along the train line, but the crew has for the last 25 years mostly focused on trains.




We focus our efforts on the Copenhagen s-train, but we enjoy hitting almost every type of train in the city. This is why it is almost certain that you will see DIAS panels running on everything from long distance trains to the s-train if during your next Eurotrip you find yourself on Copenhagen central station.



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