Aods was founded in 1990, in a summerhouse in the small town of Ebeltoft (Denmark), it was Trick, Bane, Zard and Zard’s older brother Solitude… After a weekend with beer, vodka, hash joint and fist fighting, Aod was here to stay… Short after that Mist, Nec and Tabu joined, and there was no turning back !!!! In the winter of 92-93 I joined the crew, and it exploded in Copenhagen… Not because of me, but we where just out there !!!!

We travelled alot, and in the mit 90’s we hooked up with Jake… I had lived in Stockholm, and my best friend, Star joined the crew about this time also…..Today we are in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Finland, Switzerland….With members like Hells, Jake, Mickey, Rens, Thek, Deks, Zelt, Solitude, Bane, Mist, Kere, Star, Atom, Glock, Sin, Reson… And many more… Sorry 😉






One question that pops up in my inbox on a weekly bases : What does AODS stands for ??? Well, the first one was: Angels of Destruction. Later it was All over Denmark… And then… Another OverDozeAll out Destruction, All out Dancing, and so on… Its up to every member, thats the fun part !!!
For me its: All Out Destruction!


Satzer – Aods




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