Looper Fest Recap

We were guests of the festival organized by Loop Colors and e KineticVibe at the former Macello in Milan, which from 24 to 26 May brought together different forms of urban culture such as graffiti, music, streetwear and skateboarding in a unique and fascinating ex-industrial context.

Three incredible days of the Looper Fest, promoted by Loop Colors and KineticVibe in the fascinating
post-industrial setting of the Ex Macello area in Milan, have been held in a perfect venue
dedicated to urban culture and art in its various forms. The meticulous organization ensured
that the various souls of street culture such as graffiti writing, represented by high-level
Italian and international guests, Rap (with live shows from Ensi, Louis Dee and Emanuelino
Z4), Skateboarding, b-boying, streetwear culture (Propaganda Main sponsor and present
with a pop-up store), street food and techno culture, met and blended perfectly.
However, the Looper Fest brought together not only industry insiders, artists, Hip-Hop and
graffiti heads from all over Italy and the world, including several legends of the Italian rap
scene, but also brought people and children of all ages, also bringing closer those who
usually do not attend events dedicated to these underground cultures.
A comprehensive overview of these intense Festival days will be featured in the next edition
of our Throw Up Magazine!