The best Hip Hop albums of 2020 according to ThrowUp Magazine

2020, as we all know, was a particular year but, at least, as Rap fans we can be widely satisfied. The musical offer, in fact, was vast, in many cases excellent, and kept us company during the lockdowns… Here are our 10 favorite Hip-Hop albums of 2020 ( and the playlist with our Top 50 Songs of the year ):

westside gunn pray for paris recensione

#1 - Pray for Paris Westside Gunn

Probably no one in the history of Hip-Hop has ever synthesized Hip-Hop, Art, Fashion and Street life in a musical work as the mastermind of Griselda Records, Westside Gunn, did in his “Pray For Paris” . W$G has put its genius at the service of this culture, becoming its undisputed leader and even influencing the mainstream industry without compromising his art and spirit. For his album “Pray For Paris” he also involved one of the popular stylists of recent years, Virgil Abloh, to take care of the artwork, inspired by a Caravaggio masterpiece. All of this while the Covid epidemic swept the world and hit him too. Westside Gunn stands for Hip Hop as a mix between Leonardo Da Vinci and Andy Warhol for art. Genius.

The Alchemist & Freddie Gibbs - Alfredo - Recensione

#2 - Alfredo Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist

The restaurant “Alfredo” is a Rap “three Michelin stars”, born from the meeting between the incredible Californian beats cook, The Alchemist, and one of the best living specialists in rhymes and flow, the rapper from Gary, Indiana , Freddie Gibbs. The dishes served on Alfredo’s menu are a delight for fine palates, seasoned, moreover, by the illustrious participation of several excellent guests. Once you get up from the table, you can’t wait to go back and enjoy the delicious dishes served by this duo again. Hip Hop of the highest quality. 3 Michelin Stars Restaurant.

Benny the Butcher - Burden of Proof album review

#3 - Burden Of Proof Benny The Butcher

There is nothing to do, the lyrical ability, charisma and presence of Benny The Butcher are unmatched. There are many good and talented rappers, but when someone is able to touch certain chords of the soul by talking about their experiences, whether you identify with them or not, we are talking about something that goes beyond simple skills level …
The “pen” of Benny The Butcher is a gift out of the ordinary and we had a further demonstration of it in “Burden Of Proof”, where the Griselda Records rapper paints memories, experiences and the pros and cons. of street life, that have indelibly left a mark on his skin. Furthermore, he has also tested his skills on Hit Boy productions, on which many were not yet used to hearing him. Street poet.

Ransom Directors Cut Scene 3 review

#4 - Director’s Cut Scenes 3

We chose the third chapter of the phenomenal “Director’s Cut” series, but we could have selected any of the other 4 projects that Ransom released this year that the result would not have changed. As evidence of the incredible 2020 that the New Jersey rapper had. 10 tracks of vivid street lyricism on wonderful samples perfectly cut by the Canadian beatmaker, Nicholas Craven, at the highest levels. All fans of this culture, in our opinion, should pay Ransom the respect it deserves… We had the honor of interviewing him here. MVP

Recensione Ka - Descendants of Cain

#5 - Descendants of Cain KA

Throughout “Descendants of Cain”, the Brownsville ( NY) lyricist, KA, took us on a mystical and enlightening journey through the subtlest dynamics and dilemmas of the ghetto life, between biblical metaphors, double meanings and philosophical considerations. Like all KA albums, it’s not a simple record: you have to take the time and patience to grasp all the maxims and subtleties of this ghetto “poet”. Philosophical.

#6 - From King to a God Conway the Machine

With “From King To A God”, Conway confirms that he is a deadly machine every time he enters the booth, proving that he can bend his flow to any shape and rhymes to any need, and most surprisingly, is that it seems the best is yet to come …Ah, FKTG also contains the verse of the year by Mr. Tical a.k.a Method Man. The Machine.

Stove God Cooks - Reasonable Drought

#7 - Reasonable Drought Stove God Cooks

Stove God Cooks is definitely the surprise of 2020 and “Reasonable Drought” is ,arguably, one of the best debuts of recent years, despite the fact that the Syracuse (N.Y) rapper is not exactly a rookie. To match the “gangsta-gospel” of Stove God Cooks there are, even, the productions of the godfather of the underground, Roc Marciano. The contrast between Cook$ coke-rap and Roc Marci’s angelic samples, produce an addictive effect. Surprise Of The Year.

#8 - Definition of Pain J Stone

South Central (L.A.) native, J Stone, friend and affiliate of Nipsey Hussle (R.I.P), has proven with “Definition Of Pain” that he has worthily picked up the torch left in the running by the late Crenshaw legend. He fully represents the spirit and values ​​that embodies the Marathon that led Nipsey Hussle, of which we are lucky enough to still hear the voice in two tracks on the album. The Marathon Continues and J-Stone is definitely in the leading group. Leader

Apollo Brown & Che Noir - As God Intended recensione

#9 - As God Intended Apollo Brown & Che Noir

It is no coincidence, that one of the best producers of the US underground scene in recent years, as Apollo Brown, has decided to give his support to the young lyricist from Buffalo, Che Noir, collaborating to give us “As God Intended”. The refined Motown producer has thus given a classy backdrop to Che Noir’s still underappreciated talent. In this case it’s clear that the level of lyricism she achieved is so high that it seems almost impossible to match in today’s “rap game”. No one is able to compete with the pen of this Buffalo girl. Che Noir proves her talents again over the elegant soul samples chosen by Apollo Brown and definitely appears to have matured and solidified the gifts that the most high bestowed on her. Divine.

Busta Rhymes - “Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God” review

#10 - Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes, with the release of the “Extinction Level Event” sequel, subtitled “Wrath Of God”, never has an album title been more appropriate given the historical moment of great uncertainty, with the whole globe teetering on the edge of a widespread pandemic. Busta has returned with a bang and incinerating all 22 tracks on the record, he absolutely annihilates all the infidels who thought he was musically finished. A great comeback. Prophetic.

Italian Hip Hop

The 10 italian hip hop albums of 2020 that we liked most, no order (with a playlist of the best 50 songs) :

De Rua Rico Mendossa

Speranza - L'ultimo a morire - Recensione album

L’ultimo a morire Speranza

Parabellum EP Glock 18 Crew

17 Emis Killa & Jake la Furia

A Dio Piacendo Poppa Gee e Gio Lama

Rollz Rois - Make Money Like War - Recensione album

Make Money Like War Rollz Rois

Sinners Lil Pin & Dj Yodha

Golden Madonna Montenero

Bad Reputation Vacca

Da Specialists Da Specialists


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