Hip Hop selection – December

As every month we have selected some short reviews to guide you through some of the best Hip-Hop projects, selected for you by Throw Up Magazine. Don’t forget to follow us on Spotify and to enjoy our playlists! (Note: we have excluded from this list the albums contained in our top 25 of 2019)

Sean Price & Lil Fame -”Price Of Fame” Recensione album

Price Of Fame Sean Price & Lil Fame

This year, after being relieved by listening to the voice of Guru (RIP), we received another Christmas gift. In fact, we had the opportunity to listen to some new rhymes from Sean Price (RIP); one of the greatest (and undervalued) MCs of all time. For this posthumous album he is backed by another living legend, Lil ’Fame by M.O.P. In the history of this musical genre; when it comes to pure technical skills to the mic, the late member of Heltah Skeltah is probably second to none; while in this case, Lil ‘Fame fits perfectly to the role of ” right-hand man”. “Price of Fame” comes out at a time when real Hip-Hop had returned on top again and we hope that the Brooklyn Legend he’s smiling from up there. P !!!!!!

French Montana-Montana Recensione album

Montana French Montana

Just few days before releasing his third official album, “Montana”; French Montana was recovered in the ICU for a serious irregular heartbeat due to a possible intoxication. However, the rapper managed to overcome even this problem returning heavily to the scene. In fact, the rapper and his music were clouded by some important circumstances as the long sentence imposed to his mentor, Max B, and the loss of his partner Chinx Drugz in 2015 Instead, “Montana” shows that the Bronx based rapper, native of Casablanca (Morocco), has not yet exhausted his creative streak. Indeedthe return of French Montana is the most successful of his major albums. It seems that there is a new positive energy flowing around the Bronx rapper, who has finally rediscovered the Coke Boyz vibrations which led him to success. As a matter of fact ‘‘Montana” became a Gold Record just after a week since the release.

Hus Kingpin & SmooVth -”The Connect Tape” Recensione album

The Connect Tape Hus Kingpin & SmooVth

Since before the traditional sound of NY underground Hip-Hop was rediscovered, Hus Kingpin and SmooVth have been proven to be some of the most prepared disciples of the Master and the Father of this style, Roc Marciano. In fact, this record has the unmistakable Marciano’s imprint that could only be a point in favor for all the fans of the Long Island based professor. The duo has found a well-established alchemy in ”The Connect Tape”. If you like the street sound of New York still based on the technical and lyrical skills, we reckon this album is for you!
Rome Streetz x The Artivist-”Joyeria” Recensione album

Joyeria Rome Streetz x The Artivist

Another name emerging from the underground East Coast scene is, of course, Rome Streetz. In this circle of talented MCs and beatmakers emerged from the shadows, the hunger for success and the fierce competition competition produce an incredible continuous flow of projects and albums. Rome Streetz, of course, is not to be outdone and “Joyeria” is the latest tape released by the MC in Brooklyn in 2019. This time he choosed to collaborate with the producer The Artivist. In fact, the beatmaker provided a perfect musical base for the continuous flow of Rome Streetz, telling us about his experience around the streets of the Big Apple. “Joyeria” is an album able to project yourself into the dusty alleys of New York at night, between the scratched walls covered by graffiti.

Trust Army-Army Of Trust Recensione album

Army Of Trust Trust Army

This year there is another rapper who deserves some recognition: his name is 38.Spesh. In fact, during the last year, the Rochester based Mc and producer has dropped a phenomenal album and another great EP, has provided a lot of great productions for his crew members, the Trust Gang, and has burned the microphone with an incredible verse on Benny the Butcher’s album The Plugs I Met. The Trust Gang is a fast growing movement and its leader, 38.Spesh has found important allies with Planet Asia and with other underground rappers, such as Flee Lord, featured in this last excellent product signed Trust, “Army Of Trust”.

Curren$y- “Back to Burnies” Recensione album

Back to Burnies Curren$y

In the last years Curren$y has got us used to great music and also in 2019 he has worked hard, publishing many solo and collaborative projects. The New Orleans based rapper is a machine and only in the last 6 months has been the author of many tapes and albums. Among them, “Back to Burnies”, released in December, is our favorite. Probably, the extra kicks to this project was also given by important guests such as Young Dolph, Rick Ross and Juicy J. As usual the relaxed flow and the beats selected by the Louisiana MC are perfect to chill out rollin’ a joint and travel to the world of Curren$y made of collector sportif cars, psychedelic colors and delicious weed.

Sauce Walka - “Ghetto Gospel 2” Recensione album

Ghetto Gospel 2 Sauce Walka

For us, Sauce Walka represents one of the most surprising discoveries. The product of Houston, if you listen to his catalog, had an incredible and original evolution. In fact, the Texan rapper, in his latest mixtape “Ghetto Gospel 2” “preaches” stories and introspective visions of the ghetto (“I grew up in a house where 4 dinner was cold biscuits” cit.), using the typical Texas inflection and switching between classical productions from soul samples to the typical ”trap” sound of the area. Among the guests of the mixtape there are local stars such as Maxo Kream, Travis Scott, Lil Keke, Propain, Peso Peso and others. As soon as we noticed him Sauce Walka has definitely kept our attention.

Rigz & Mooch x Big Ghost Ltd.- ”The Only Way Out” Recensione album

The Only Way Out Rigz & Mooch x Big Ghost Ltd.

The Rochester (N.Y) based crew DaCloth is on fire. After the last month excellent tape, “Dopanese”; Mooch and Rigz, have recently published another project “The Only Way Out”, with the beatmaker Big Ghost Ltd. In the upstate NY town the temperatures have already dropped below zero and the sound of this record perfectly matches the winter climate: icy atmospheres, dark beats and street rap sharpen as the cold wind at those latitudes. At the moment, Rochester proves to be one of the best spot in the underground scene and Rigz and Mooch are, without a doubt, among the most interesting prospects. Moreover, Big Ghost Ltd. productions means quality!


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