Brain Mash Crew


BrainMash is a crew of three artists (Jovanny, Mezzo, Fansta) based in Siberia, Russia. Collective was formed in 2013 during a Germany trip where guys did several joint works, and it was a first steps on the European graffiti scene. From then and until this moment crew took part in various festivals, exhibitions and art projects in Europe and other parts of the world like MoS, Urban Giants, Looperfest, Magic City etc and collaborated with lot of interesting worldwide artists.

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Guys noted that streetart is a main priority of crew activity as most accessible way of communication between artist and public. BrainMash works has a unique and remarkable graphic style of characters and letters influenced by mix comics, cartoon and manga culture. Most of the works on festivals was performed by BrainMash as a crew, but guys also well-known as single artists…

Crew Members


Aa a part of crew working in similar with Mezzo clear graphic style but in his own work uses more realistic and volumetric images which looks super realistic as a 3D illusion work. Has a special sympathy to all kind of robots.


Natural born character painter good with both pencil and spraycan and has a pretty good taste about lineworks and color combinations. In his own works on the streets uses graphic cartoonish style but his canvas paintings has a more experimental looking with some abstract glitch and pixel parts.


Lettering monster Fansta able to decorate any work with his unique style. All his art activity is strongly connected with fonts and letters, which looks dope by itself and perfectly fits to Mezzo and Jovanny style. 

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