Crimeapple: mezclàdo flavor bars between USA and Colombia.

Born in New Jersey with Colombian roots, Crimeapple is one of the most interesting personage emerged from the East Coast underground scene.

Essential Projects
  • Crimeapple x Big Ghost - Aguardiente copertina album
    x Big Ghost Ltd, 2018
  • Crimeapple x Dj Muggs - Medallo copertina album
    x Dj Muggs, 2018
  • Crimeapple x Dj Skizz - Wet Dirt copertina album
    Wet Dirt
    x Dj Skizz, 2018

In times where in the music industry the keyword is based on “following the trend’, Hip-Hop music turned into a trend itself, seems to have flattened on a single wave, at least on a mainstream level except for a few artists. From one side, internet and the social media exaggerated the trashy side of the music world, but from another, they return the marketplace as more accessible and diversified. On one hand, they opened the way of fame to many artists; allowing also the audience to access to some good music excluded by the mainstream network.

In the last few years, the galaxy of Hip-Hop music relighted its spotlight to a movement of the the U.S. East Coast underground scene with strong artistic excitement. A movement, thanks to veterans like Roc Marciano and charismatic personalities as Westside Gunn & fellows, that was able to give new life to a sound and contents more loyal to the ‘’golden age’’ and to the Hip-Hop culture of the East coast. So the bars fit on sound carpets made of raw samples and loops; emphasizing rappers’ lyricism and technique.

Crimeapple, American with Colombian roots.

One artist of this talented wave emerged in a short time, distinguishing and making himself known, is certainly Crimeapple. He is the protagonist of this new episode of Art Of Bars.
Crimeapple, despite to the physical features, comes from a Colombian family emigrated to New Jersey, in the residential and multi-ethnic area of Hackensack, on the edge of the river Hudson opposite to the five boroughs of the Big Apple. He grows and nurtures the passion of the Hip-Hop culture looking both at the legends Redman, from the nearby New Ark and at the king of the New York underground scene, Roc Marci. However, he doesn’t forget the origins and traditions that still deeply influence his cultural background, also affecting its stylistic feature of making music.

Crimeapple & B-Real of Cypress Hill

‘’Show’n’prove’’, Freestyle on Statik Selektah Shade45 radio.

For whom who decide to not pursue the business strategy in the music industry, the way to success is a steep and frustrating hill. In the United States, they used to say the only opportunity you get to demonstrate and to prove talent is “show’n’prove”, where above all you have to catch the single opportunities knocked at your door.

Crimeapple stood out in the New Jersey Hip-Hop scene by participating to various freestyle contests and concerts, sponsored by local artists. At one of these events, he met Statik Selektah, the well-known DJ and producer from Boston, leading also an important radio program in New York. Therefore, he decided, without any hopes, to send his lyrics to Statik, whom appreciating his works, in the beginning of 2017, invited him to participate at his show. At the exhibition, all the MCs had to demonstrate their ability by improvising verses on beats selected by the DJ host. Crimeapple didn’t miss the chance to show off his technical skills and different style, pursuing the instruments with verses for 8 minutes in a row.

The “mestizo” style of Crimeapple.

From 2017 the rapper with Colombian origins, getting confidant to himself and starting to get appreciated by other artists of the underground scene, published other projects confirming his qualities and extending his audiences.

Metralleta Ep, a three chapters series, Perfect and, finally, Aguardiente a disc made in collaboration with the producer Big Ghost Ltd (known for his collaborations with other famous names of the underground); demonstrate the caliber of bars and more over, compared to others, his distinctive style. In fact, Crimeapple loves to float beats spitting bars like stream of consciousness flow, chained by deep photographs and metaphors, coming from different imaginaries: from street to emotional life, from cooking to sport and cinema. All mixed with the American slang and the Spanish one, in its Colombian version.

Who shot ya, wallet looking like an empanada
Broke down a few cebollas for the ensalada
If it’s water, cross the border for the enchilada
Mi partner always flipping birds–pollo a la brasa

from “Big Face Frankies”, Aguardiente Lp, 201

“Medallo”, the album with Dj Muggs, historical producer of Cypress Hill.

Between 2018 and 2019, Crimeapple, after collaborating with the Italian producer Cuns to the ep Salud y Plata (2018) and with the veteran producer of New York, Dj Skizz to Wet Dirt (2019), he received the final consecration by Dj Muggs, the Cypress Hill’s historical beat maker, producing together in July c. y. the Medallo album.

In fact, at present, Dj Muggs is back in his full creative time. He carefully selects some rappers of the underground scene, with whom he has a particular artistic and personal feeling, and produces them full albums [For notice, we highly recommend to listen “KAOS” (2018) feat. Roc Marciano, “Hell’s Roof” (2019) feat. Eto and “Touez-les Tous” (2019) with Mach Hommy]. For these reasons, the legendary producer and Crimeapple decided to fully produce the Lp together in Medellìn , rapper’s hometown, to absorb the vibrations of Colombians’ barrios and roads.

In “Medallo”, as called by the inhabitants of Medellìn, following the atmospheres evoked by the musical carpet of Muggs, Crimeapple sketch the daily routine of the Colombian city ( less the abused stereotypes related to the famous drug dealers of the area ) blending these with cultural references from his mixed roots and spitting hard bars in his “spanglish” language. In this way, He is able to shoot the listener into a melting pot of influences from New Jersey to Colombia.

Throw Up Magazine reccomends you to stay tuned on his frequencies!


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