Young M.A: staying true to yourself breaks down every prejudice!

The Brooklyn rapper claims the crown of NYC best Hip-Hop artist, without caring about labels and prejudices. She shows to the world her value thanks to her talent and the strong personality.

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  • Young MA - Herstory album cover

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The 28 y.o. Brooklyn’s native, Katorah Marrero, a.k.a Young M.A. (Me Always), is not just concerned about the competition with the other female colleagues recently arisen in the Hip-Hop scene, but she claims the throne of New York, whoever sits on it.

She is even less interested to be the champion of the LGBT community, as somebody ried to say about her sexual open believe, exploiting either into positive and negative publicity.

Indeed, She only wants to be the best artist in the Hip-Hop game, avoiding categories and prejudices, just staying true to. true to herself and to her music with authenticity and self-confidence.

Despite the mainstream attention and the unexpected success of hundred millions Youtube’s views of “OOOUUU”, the 2016 hit,  she is not worried about rejecting several major’s offers, preferring to remain independent

“Herstory in the making”, the debut album as independent artist.

Once the notoriety wave generated by “OOOUUU” has been exhausted, Young M.A. decided to be in shadow for the following years, despite the favourable moment. She worked harder focusing on her music and patiently seeking the right inspiration for her first Official Album, Herstory in the making (2019). In this period of almost retreat from the Hip-Hop scene, She only dropped the Herstory Ep on the 2017.

Finally out on Sept. ‘19, the Brooklyn rapper’s debut album,  “Herstory in the Making”, received appreciations both from critics and general audience,even without the promotion of a big record company.

In facts, the strong character, the authenticity, the swag and the attitude of Young M.A, over a natural talent in spitting bars and a unique and versatile flow, gave her credit to the young public and the N.Y.’s “golden age sound” lovers too..

The unique style of Young M.A and her first mixtapes.

Whoever is born and raised in New York, the birthplace of this culture, can breaths the Hip – Hop flow at every corner. In facts, also, Young M.A is really passionate about it. Since her youth, she followed the dream of becoming a respected successful rapper and getting inspired by the icons of the city as 50 and Jay-Z. Her music reflects the love, the study and the respect for this Culture, but, at the same time, she is also really responsive to the recent evolutions of the genre.

Since her first mixtapes, M.A The Mixtape (2015) and Sleep Walking (2015), Young M.A shows her all-round skills on classical East Coast instrumentals and trap beats, without distorting her distinctive style and cadence, due to her sharp techniques and to her ability to spot charming melodies.

All these things allowed Young M.A to gain the respect of the Hip-Hop scene’s veterans. In the 2015, she got featured in a Statik Selektah laced banger alongside some living monuments of Brooklyn as Smiff’n’Wessun.

There is No Love in the streets: the death of Young M.A’s older brother.

Maybe, the most entertaining ability of Young M.A, is to naturally drag the listener into her life, being sincerely talking in a clear way about her personality and her feelings. Raised by a single mother between bad companies and the projects of Brooklyn, she realised quickly that the Streets, often, provide a fake love made by false friendships and appearances.

In facts, She has tried the harsh reality of the streets on her skin losing in the 2009 the older brother, due to a stabbing by an alleged “friend”. This tragic event was pressed in the mind and the soul of the Brooklyn rapper, surfacing often  in her music:

Man, we livin’ to die
For my fam, man, I’m willin’ to die
That image of my brother layin’ dead is still in my mind
You can see the pain still in my eyes
That smile you see me with, man, that shit a disguise
I ain’t happy, nigga (Happy)
Ain’t shit sweet (No)
Seein’ a young black man goin’ six feet (Damn)
Oh, you tough nigga (Oh, you tough)
But you ten deep
I got two lions with me, you got ten sheep (Pussy)
(“No Love” Herstory in the making, 2019 )

So, Young M.A is one of the most interesting talent emerged from the five boroughs of the last years: the spontaneity of her music and her character are really solid and she is breaking the barriers and the prejudices, unfortunately, still deep-rooted in our society. But, however, this also shows that the the Hip-Hop Culture, often stigmatized as homophobic and sexist, is actually  less divisive than many other areas of the society, compared to what media have often said about it.


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