Big Kahuna OG & Monday Night - Thug Tear Album Cover

Hip Hop Selection – January

Here are a few short reviews selected specially for you by Throw Up Magazine’s editorial staff. These will guide you through this months hottest Hip-Hop releases. Tune in to our Spotify playlists and… Enjoy!

Ty Farris - No Cosign Just Cocaine 3

No Cosign Just Cocaine 3 Ty Farris

One of the stand out projects from the start of 2020 clearly shows that the (ex) Motor City’s underground scene is still alive and kicking. We are talking about Ty Farris‘ latest release, titled “No Cosign Just Cocaine vol. 3”. This artist is extremely talented, albeit not as well known as some of his hometown peers, because he manages to hold together lyricism, technique, street credibility and mature rhymes. The beats he rhymes over are excellent, among others Stu Bangas and Bozack Morris stand out. The project also features some of the best spitters in the game like Eto and Flee Lord. We strongly suggest you should listen to “No Cosign Just Cocaine vol.3” and keep the name Ty Farris in mind because he will certainly be hot in 2020.

Uncle Murda - Don’t Come Outside 2 Album Cover

Don’t Come Outside 2 Uncle Murda

Uncle Murda, a true Brooklyn institution, starts off 2020 with the sequel to “Don’t come outside”. He is now part of Jay-z’s Roc Nation roster after being briefly affiiliated to 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew. With this new release Uncle Murda strives to keep the flag of New York style Hip-Hop flying high in order to make the city relevant again in the mainstream. Weather or not this objective has been reached “Don’t Come Outside 2” finds Uncle Murda in great form and delivers some heavy-hitting street bangers and well-placed features, and that’s exactly what N.Y deserves!

Big Kahuna OG & Monday Night - Thug Tear Album Cover

Thug Tear Big Kahuna OG & Monday Night

Another project that you must check out in order to start the new year with the right vibe and motivation is “Thug Tear” by Og Big Kahuna & Monday Night, two dope mc’s hailing from Richmond, Virginia. This album contains high level raps over exceptional production by the team Graymatter and Unlucky Bastards. If you are able to dig in the right direction the US Hip-Hop scene can surprise you with some real gems: Og Big Kahuna, Monday Night and the whole Scheme Team collective are the perfect example. That’s why Thug Tear is in heavy rotation right now.

Asun Eastwood X Vago - Sewer Science Album Cover

Sewer Science Asun Eastwood X Vago

After last year’s dope release titled “With all due respect”, Asun Eastwood (the latino rapper from Toronto) returns in 2020 with an excellent product entirely produced by Vago. The Canadian scene, on the border with the north eastern part of the United States, is being hugely influenced by the underground wave that started in Buffalo and Rochester NY. Much talent is emerging on both sides of the border and interesting collaborations have ensued between the best Mc’s. “Sewer Science” is a project that perfectly showcases and confirms Asun Eastwood’s lyrical abilities and introduces Vago’s outstanding production. This album has an “underworld” feel to it, like being stuck on Toronto’s darkest streets in a snow blizzard.

Silla X Weirdo

Dioscuri in Tuxedo Silla X Weirdo

The Italian rap game unfortunately is full of caricatures and clones of clones. So it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish valid products with content that is appealing to an older audience without falling for the rhetorical phrase “things were better in the good old days”. Dioscuri In Tuxedo by Silla, a rapper who is part of the Milanese collective Mad Soul Legacy, is entirely produced by Weirdo and is a world apart from the monotony of the scene in both beats and lyrical content. This project is riveting and gives us a realistic and non-stereotypical picture of the city of Milano.


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