Intervista al writer di Gran Canaria Saker

Graffiti as a way of life. An interview with Saker

We had a chat with Saker, a graffiti artist from Gran Canaria, who brought us into his world, entirely dedicated to graffiti.

Tell us about your origins and how did your passion for the graffiti culture begin. How did you get your hands on this discipline?

It all started when, back in the 2004, I had a complicated injure skating. I had to stay a while in home and I was a rebel kid in those days so I took a paper and pencil and started to sketch without knowing how it was going to end. Ceser was already in so I went with the flow.

Tell us some words about the difference between the graffiti scene of Spain and the one of the Canary Islands. Can you tell us something about how and when this type of art land to the island? Beside you, can you name any other major Artists?

Graffiti in the Canary Islands is totally different in style and consistency from the rest of Spain. When I started as a writer on my island “Gran Canaria” the writer spirit was everything… there were too many crews that today don’t do this, only me and my brother were left representing day by day in this scene

Are you part of any crew? Can you tell us the story behind it and any particular adventure lived in the yard with the guys?

Yes, of course. VCG is my crew “Vandals Connection Graff” formerly composed by 4 people who today is a duo and the name survives for so many experiences and so many adrenalines difficult to forget as that of getting to chase a helicopter in a state of madness in a big night of massive XX .

Do you have any particular connection with Italy? More generally do you find any differences between the Canary Island and the Spanish art?

Italy is such a great place, every time I go I spend wonderful experiences with good friends, incredible artist. I’m so proud of myself for improve my art and being recognized for my own style. About Spanish art I only have in my mind the old inspirations because actual graffiti is totally trash. Nobody paints with love anymore they only paint for likes.

In your opinion, which is the feature that link your works? How would you define your style and how did it evolve over the years? Besides walls and trains which other supports and techniques do you use?

Normally, I’m inspired but what is on my sketchbook and then depending how the wall is and my mood I let my mind go with the flow but always with my wild symmetrical swing. My style at first was pure bombing but through the years, experiences and influences had me going to create my sketches became more personal. Every week I do too many sketches, canvas, prints…

In the beginning, did you get inspired by any artists, writers or others? Therefore, do you recognise any particular Talent of the scene around? What did you get captivate the most?

Every artist has their inspirations, my influences was always Americans and north European. I feel more attached to the American because it defines myself and the European has that funky style that makes me fall in love, hahaha.

Any lesson learned from this culture over the years? What distinguish this art from any other type ?

I never knew I was this creative all this time. For me it’s a gateway for everything, when I grab a can I forget about any problem that I could have. Graffiti is in another level for me and too many people don’t understand this. I live for this.

Did you manage to turn this passion into a job? Do you have any other strong passions besides graffiti writing?

I’m lucky for have my passions as my work, it was pretty easy and super worthy. I used to skate all the time but all my time is now spent in paint.

Any tips for a young guy getting into this world?

You need to be perseverance and excited about this.

Do you have any particular ambition for the future? Any rewards to reach?

I want to be healthy for prosper in my art.


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