Orghone interview: «in graffiti longevity is what matters most»

The Roman graffiti writer tells us about his carrer of almost 25 years in the graffiti world and the values gained from this discipline.

Do you remember the first moment you discovered graffiti?

The first memory I have of graffiti was in the summer of ’95 while I went to see an air show on the Roman coast with my mother on the subway. At that time, the trains were already painted. All those tags left me strike dead even if I didn’t know what they were.

Do you remember your first piece? Would you like to tell us about it?

The first piece I made was in February’96 on a wall near my house. I remember the emotion of going to buy the first two sprays of my life: a silver and a black. This was enough for me to be happy with high top adrenaline (even if where I live is a very quiet place)

Would you like to tell us about the crews you are in today and the ones you have been part of in the past?

I have had several crews. Among the most important, surely the Genuine ones with which I made my first important productions in Rome and I still have a good friendship.
I am currently part of three crews: ” Puf , Pusherz and The Death Squad ”

4. Tell us how your style has evolved over the years …

I can say that my stylistic path started from “not letters that looked like letters in Wildstyle ” ( hahahaha ) going through improbable 3D that I abandoned in 2002…. when I realized that I had to study simpler things.

What are your favourite supports (walls, trains, canvas, etc. ) ?

The supports on which I prefer to paint are rough walls better if damaged by time. I think this is the best support, the space where I can express myself.

How has the Roman graff scene changed over the years? Did you also notice any changes from a stylistic point of view?

I have experienced several changes in the Roman graff scene. Until 2002/2003, having your own style was fundamental, while with the introduction of internet all changed: a slow flattening that has led all people to do the same. Now the good artists emerge immediately but often they last less. In my opinion, the most difficult thing today is not to be good, but to be long lasting. However, this can only happen if you are giving importance to what you are doing. Often the current influences cannot last long.

What are the basic requirements both from a stylistic and human / attitudinal point of view that a graffiti writer must have?

From my point of view, I think humility is the first thing. Then for those who do graffiti, letters and attitude are the most important thing ever.

What are the biggest sacrifices (money, time, work, relationships) that a graffiti writer must face to carry on seriously this discipline?

The money I spent on materials is a lot, for sure, but fortunately, it’s my job, so this reduce my expenses. As far as relationships are concerned, even in this, I am lucky, my partner also paints so we share the same passion.

What are the biggest sacrifices (money, time, work, relationships) that a graffiti writer must face to carry on seriously this discipline?

It certainly gave me more self-confidence and gave me the opportunity to relate to many people from faraway places. The journeys that I made alone to paint are memories that I always carry with me and that are part of my experience.

Is there any topic that you like to share or some project / event that you would like to talk us?

Among the projects that I am following, Burners Mag created with Lady Nina and Muges is the first I want to mention. I recently opened an Association to create a nice Hip Hop event in Rome where all street disciplines will be together The plan I have in a very short time is to travel and paint even more….


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