Niska, french rapper

Niska, a french rapper breaking the rules

Niska, the 26 y.o.French-Congolese rapper, that took the peak of the French hip-hop scene thanks to his innovative style.

Stanislas Dinga Pinto, better known as Niska, was born in ’94 in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, France and grew up in Evry (a town close to Paris mentioned in almost all of his songs). Raised by his parents from Congo, the little “Stany”, as they used to call him as a kid; immediately felt in love with the music, often listening at home to one of his favourite “The Congolese Rumba”. During an interview on air, Niska says: “the Congolese Rumba was my breakfast, lunch and dinner”.

The name Niska becomes known between 2014 and 2015, with the songs “Allô Maître Simonard”, “Carjak Chirac” and the freestyle “PSG”,  that will change his life marking the beginning of an amazing career.

…on aime trop la violence
Quatre vingt ze-on on aime trop la violence
Bricki, Murder, Gucci
Un keuf sans arme : un poulet rôti”

Allo Maître Simonard (2015)

[ trad. We love the violence. “81” (district) we are so in love with the violence,
Brick, Murder, Gucci. A cop without a gun: a roasted chicken” ]

His words are so crude, that already at the start,you won’t stop listening to this twenty-years-old guy.

In the freestyle “PSG” made in collaboration with rappers as Rako, Brigi, Trafiquinté and Madrane, with 90 million views on Youtube channel;  Niska compares his life to the richest soccer team of France. Many words, “gimmicks”, and moves get immediately fixed in the mind of many viewers.

Even Matuidi, the football player of the Juventus team emulated some gesture of the rapper getting inspired by the choreography of the typical dance “Matuidi Charo” of the freestyle video “PSG”.

In fact, Charo is the other nickname of Niska.

After this success, Niska collaborated with Maitre Gims to the song “Sapé comme jamais”, sharing the same view about Congo. This song talks about a great passion of the Congolese children: “Clothes”. Currently this video has more than 430 million views on Youtube. From now on, Niska’s career is to the stars, gaining successes after successes.

Therefore, despite the platinum record, the first album of 2016, “ZIFUKORO” is actually considered his weakest project but anyway Niska never gave up. In fact, the summer of 2017, brought out “Reseaux”, a song that put the eyes of the whole world on the French congolese rapper. As revealed to an interview on Clique, a French program of urban music, he didn’t really believe in that song. Thanks to his father, his first fan, Niska released the song very quickly assuming to raise success. Indeed, after few days out, the song became a gold record. Today, it’s even a diamond disc.

Around September same year, Niska released his second album “Commando”, and thanks to his strength, we do understand the meaning behind this name. Also this album got the diamond disk with more than 300,000 sold copies.

Thanks to this album, Niska has achieved everything an artist could want in a professional career. His unique style has given to the French rap a modern identity, as he used to say: “Now we have nothing to envy to the American rap”.
On September 6th, Niska released his third album with 16 tracks called “MR SAL”, already Platinum record. Currently the rapper is in tour around France…



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