Esa aka El Crespo - Mostra "Tributes" - Esa con Jay Z

The ”Tributes” Art exhibition of Esa is an act of Love

We went to visit the “Tributes” exhibition by the rapper and artist El Crespo aka Esa: his paintings attest his true love for Street Art and music.

Love and Arts are parts of an equation that even if reversed, have still the same result. In fact, if your actions are driven by love and passion, whether in creative art, job or sport, you can overcome impassable limits reaching exceptional goals.

All the Hip-Hop lovers know the incredible career of Esa as a rapper starting with the OTR Group to the release of his latest album with DJ Skizo “Sangue e Amore”. Just few know his other passion on Graffiti and Street Art. However we could just say that Esa loves Hip-Hop as a Culture and each of his disciplines, from aerosol art, to breakdance, and obviously rap.

Nowadays, unfo, these two elements are too often separated and the essence of this Culture, has been lost aside.

Mos Def, Al Green e Slick Rick - Spray & markers su tela

Mos Def, Al Green e Slick Rick – Spray & markers su tela

In the “Tributes” exhibition, hosted in a 4-star hotel in the center of Milan and patronized by Streetartinstore; Esa shows his canvas made with sprays and markers, portraying the music artists that inspired him. His tribute canvas are dedicated to Hip Hop legends such as Jay-Z, Slick Rick or Mos Def as well as other black music giants like Donna Summer and Michael Jackson.

Esa proves to be an artist with a clearly recognizable style, a marked personality and a great talent. exactly the same as when he holds the mic. However, the main strength of this exhibition, is the love for music and art that transpire from his works merging into a single element: Hip-Hop.

Esa’s “Tributes” exhibition is free and is located at the NH Collection President Hotel in Largo Augusto 10, Milan until 18th January 2020. Don’t miss it!


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