“Crash Kid Graffiti Archive” book out now

“Crash Kid Graffiti Archive” is the book with a selection of photos about the works of several graffiti Masters, taken around the world by the italian Hip Hop pioneer Massimo Colonna a.k.a. Crash Kid (R.i.p).

It’s out Crash Kid Graffiti Archive , the book realized by the veterans of the italian graffiti’s scene, Napal and Ryo, and printed by Wholetrainpress, to preserve and honor the contribute to this Culture of the Hip Hop italian pioneer Crash Kid ( 1971-1997). B-boy and graffiti artist, founder of the Passo sul Tempo crew and Special Breaking Crew member, Crash Kid has left, as a part of his legacy to the italian Hip Hop scene, a photographic archive of the graffiti works of some of the best artists around the world. Napal and Ryo wanted to honor his memory with a book of some selected photos from the Crash Kid’s archive and devolving a contribute to AIL, the Italian Association Against Leucemia.

A meticulous choice of restored photos ranging from 1985 to 1997 in cities such as New York, Paris, Rome, Monaco, Basel and many others exhibiting works by masters of writing such as Bando, Mode2, Dare, Can2, Loomit, Lokiss, Darco, Skki, Swet, Crash Kid, Napal, Stand, Pane, Rusty, Zero T, Dayaki, Eron and many others.

A project born from the friendship and will of Napal and Ryo, the book besides having the purpose of preserving this precious photographic material was conceived to spread the use of masks of respiratory protection among the writing community, promoting the practice of painting safely to protect the health of writers. The proceeds from the book will be donated to AIL, the Italian Association against leukemia-lymphomas and myeloma which supports research and provides direct assistance to cancer patients. A book that combines art with social commitment and help to people in need and a “must” for any true writing enthusiast.

The book “Crash Kid Graffiti Archive” it’s printed and distributed by Whole Train Press here.


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