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The world mourns the death of the legendary graffiti artist Phase 2, one of the most influential masters of Aerosol Art and pioneer of the Hip Hop Culture.

Lonny Wood, better known as Phase 2, passed away at 61 on December 13th 2019. Native of The Bronx he began writing in 1971. At that time graffitism, ‘til then relegated to gang’s territorial affairs, began to evolve stylistically, elevating itself to a true artistic dimension. Phase 2 was undoubtedly one of the architects of this transformation.

Phase 2 King

The previous year we’d given this party, ” said Lonny. “We were getting ready to give another one and I said, ‘We’ll call this one Phase Two.’ I don’t know why, but I was stuck on the name. It had meaning for me. I started writing ‘Phase 2.

Phase 2 is quoted in the movie Beat Street, 1984

Phase 2 is widely considered as one of the major stylistic innovators of Aerosol Art. He was the one who encouraged the study and the evolution of letters boosting and enhancing it time after time. In fact, he was the inventor of the so-called “Bubble Style”, a style marked by puffed-out, marshmallow-like letters, which will inspire and influence the generations to come.

Phase 2 Bubble Style

He was also one of the fathers of the evolution of the Wildstyle, adding to his graffiti, loops and elements such as stars and arrows which later became a constant of this technique.

Phase 2

Phase 2

However, the huge contribution of Phase 2 to the hip hop culture is not limited to graffiti writing. He was also a DJ and MC. He created a lot of flyers for the first block parties of legends as Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa and other Old School giants.

His love for the Hip Hop Culture led him to travel often to Italy, where he came in contact with the local hip hop scene, exporting to our country his deep knowledge of that culture. Along with artists such as Neffa, Kaos, Dj Enzo, Chief e Soci, Gente Guasta, Camelz Finezza Click, he wrote beautiful pages of italian music, leaving his indelible signature on various classics tracks of the Italian rap.


Furthermore, he made also a lot of graffiti in Italy that were a big source of inspiration for those who had the fortune to know him alive; even if unfortunately not many are still visible.

Genova – 1995

Genova, Italy – 1995

The legacy that Phase 2 left to the Hip-Hop culture is so relevant, that even those who don’t know his name are unconsciously influenced and indebted anyway with him. Throw Up Magazine also wanted to honor his memory, thanking Lonny for all the things that indirectly he had taught us. Our thoughts and deepest condolences go to his family and friends.

Rest In Power Phase 2


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Damn… This is crazy.. R.I.P. Phase 2 (Graf Legend & Pioneer) Where do I begin here.??? I knew Lonnie since I was a kid. Unknown to most we grew up together in Forest Projects in the Bronx “same building.. same floor” building #965 I never knew he was a writer until I became an artist and was running into him in different parts of the world 🌎. Also known along with Buddy Esquire for creating the legendary Early Hip Hop flyers. I just knew him as my next door neighbor before that. We always got a good laugh about where art had taken both of us. Always proud of his iconic journey in the Graf world. Rest In Peace Brother 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #Phase2 #TheLegend #TheIcon 👑✊🏽✊🏽👍🏽

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L’ennesima notizia che mi lacera il cuore, purtroppo è venuto a mancare la leggenda delle leggende colui che ha inventato l’aereosolart (graffiti) Phase 2 non è più tra noi, oltre ad essere stato un precursore dello spray ed un immenso artista era un mio fratello, un amico, un mentore, ha vissuto a casa mia un mese, lui era del Bronx NY ma spesso veniva in Italia, abbiamo fatto diversi featuring insieme, sia in Chief &Soci che nel Grande Bluff, inoltre è stato in tour con me negli anni 90 con il Comitato nella formazione live. Sono devastato solo pochi giorni fa è venuto a mancare Luciano e inoltre ho anche mio cognato in ospedale che ha poche settimane di vita, ora anche PHASE 2 🙏✝️Cristo Santo in questi ultimi anni ho avuto a che fare con funerali e morte in una maniera disumana, mi sento il cuore preso a calci… che tu possa riposare in pace amico mio, ci siamo fatte tante belle chiacchierate fino alle 5 del mattino quando eri a casa mia, mi mancherai….ciao PHASE 😔😶🙏🙏✝️

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