Korsé, was born in 1987 in Nantes, in loving of drawing, comics, and movies when he was really small. That’s a really good inspiring city to start the graffiti in 2005, with a friend in art school, who’s called Ador. Principals subjects was about funny animals and characters. Drawing, paint with all medias and techniques, became quickly obsessional, everytime, everywhere after passed some art study.

Since 2012, he can live with paint and drawing, sometimes teach in youth centers, schools, and realise commissions on walls of differents size. During a travel, he never forget his travel book, to sketching, to make a feel some urbans vibrations.

He watch the life as music, with different rythmes. Actually, is really interested in typography, as crossed signs in the street, socials contrasts, urban jungle, letters looks like wildstyle, characters inspired of comics, movies, and clouds, draped. 

With all things, he like add a sketching touch, with only one spray cans on a white background, and shake with some characters, typography and mostly, do a lot of freestyle. In is composition, you can find some, subtle messages, poetry and absurdity.

Recently, he started some sculpture with recycled cardboard, to show that we can make a lot of things, make your dream for exemple, with little means. That’s for conclusion, the cocktail that you can find in is universe. Have nice travel !


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