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I think I always love drawing, young I liked to draw letters or try to copy the drawings on my video games. The result was often horrible but it amused me to do it. I was born and lived in New Caledonia (NC) until I was 23 years old. that’s when I discovered graffiti. I think my first contact with the spraypaint was in 2006 or 2007 and I started to paint more often in 2008.

In 2016 i took part to “Out for fame” exhibition, organized by Under Pressure. It was just before the first international graffiti festival of New Caledonia, the “Pafevent”, which allowed me to meet and share a wall with artists like Monk-e K6A from Montreal, Soy R2F from Switzerland, Tasso MACLAIM from Germany and Brinks TSF from Paris.

I’m now in Paris, I am part of the FHA (for “Feignants Hyper Actif”, or “Furious Hamburger Addict” or others). We are mainly in a southern suburb of Paris. Painting is much cheaper than in New Caledonia which allows me to paint more often so that’s cool.

Next to the graffiti I continue the drawing and i start in acrylic painting on canvas. I do not do digital because I do not have a tablet for the moment.

In 2019, I almost didn’t sketch letters. I prefer improvisations on wall because I find that the features are less reflective, more spontaneous and I find that we gain in energy and in pleasure to paint.”


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