His artistic journey born among the first year of high school. Raised in a multicultural area in the north of Milan, he was right away fascinated to letters and words surround him. He was immediately impressed by the graffiti culture and the continuous evolution of the typographic field. Therefore, he got also fascinated to the Arabic characters found in many corners of his neighborhood.

Time after time, he got closer to the world of typography, appreciating its aesthetic balance. He started spending most of his time experimenting the extraordinary potential of tools such as paper, nib and ink.

After completing the high school time; this passion led him to University in the path of design and communication. There he carried out his graphic vision with new tools and methods. Once the University was over, Piger understood that the digital work compared to pen and ink failed to satisfy him. That was the stage, he decided to devote all time and energy to his greatest passion: calligraphy.

His art is inspired to a quote of the famous mathematician Aristotele: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. This concept highlights the importance of choices and the study of the composition as they determine the success of a work, lending a value that it would never be possible if it depends on random combination of single details.


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