Aban Deconstructed - A visual biography

“Aban: Deconstructed”, a visual biography of an underground MC.

“Aban: Deconstructed, a visual biography” is the new project of the iconic street rapper of Lecce in collaboration with InfoDesignLab. Through a graphic analysis of the artist’s rhymes and stories from his past, the project shows us a perspective on Italian rap, never explored before.

In the beginning of the year, we had the honor to interview him going through an unexpected deep storytelling about fragments of his past, considerations about life and the music scene; also confirming the impressions and the credibility already transferred with his songs.

Without hypocrisy, we can say it was an “honor”. Aban is, indeed, one of those rare examples of a real and authentic rappers still active in the Italian Hip Hop scene. However, in a historical period where the appearance, the superficial content and follow the trend count more than the essence and the content itself; artists like Aban are endangered species, often, without the deserved recognition.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend to all lovers of the Hip Hop culture, the new project entitled “Aban: Deconstructed”, launched by the rapper in collaboration with InfoDesignLab, in which the rapper from Lecce tells in depth his life and his rhymes, as never before in Italy. A “visual biography”, where the unpublished stories, hidden behind the rapper’s most representative pieces, are accompanied by infographics, illustrating and explaining the metric structure and rhymes. With this project, Aban manages to represent the most mature, complex and authentic side of the Italian rap, highlighting aspects barely touched in our country.

Il 20 Giugno, Aban e InfoDesignLab hanno lanciato l’intro di “Aban: Deconstructed” e il primo capitolo , dedicato a “Nino e Fede”, brano estratto dall’album del 2008 “Bella Italia”.


Di seguito, i link delle prime puntate del progetto

{Intro} Il rap come non lo avete mai visto
{Capitolo 1} Nino e Fede

Credits & contacts:

ABAN: Instagram – Facebook – Youtube
Sud Est Records: YoutubeWebsite
InfoDesignLab: www.infodesignlab.com


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