Born in 1983, Skase lives in Crema, a city close to Milan, until 2011. The same year, after his graduation at the Academy of ‘’Belle Arti di Brera’’, he nives to Milan working as set designer and TV set decorator.

I like my pieces to look gummy, dynamic and clean.

He approaches the world of graffiti in 1998 founding few years later his first crew with three other friends, called the RC’S. In 2004 he got part to the TIKER Crew; in 2011 joines the TH-CLAN and later in 2014 was part of the Italian-Swiss C-YOU crew.

I remember the first piece I made in the streets. As I approached the wall I had chosen I was really gassed. I had driven 20 Km on my moped just to get the spray cans. When the piece was finished I was very disappointed: It didn't look anything like what I had in mind! The colour patterns were terrible and the letters didn't even look like letters. That was the my motivation to keep going.
I am often inspired by comics, especially for backgrounds and backdrops. When I'm painting I feel completely absorbed by what I'm doing. I only think about having fun with my people!
Lately I have been making miniatures or dioramas, whatever you wanna call them. I have been doing this for years ever since I studied architecture and set design. I decided to use this medium because I was sick of always painting on canvas and I wanted to try something different...
I don't think that the scene has changed much compared to when I started out. I can see the same beefs and friendships. Just a lot more people involved nowadays. Back then kids had a lot of respect for those with more experience, that no longer seems to be the case unfortunately.

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